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For the Creamy Pie

1 5 oz can Evaporated milk

1 3.4oz box of moment lemon pudding blend

2 8oz bundles of cream cheddar…

¾ cup solidified lemonade concentrate

For the Pie Crust

2 cup graham wafer pieces

cup sugar

cup spread, dissolved

Or on the other hand you can utilize 1 graham wafer outside layer, 9 inch


Preheat over to 350°

For the Pie Crust

In a medium blending bowl, joined all fixings and whisk together until very much consolidated.

Press graham saltine morsels into profound dish pie dish and make a point to go up the sides.

Heat for 10-12 minutes. Expel from broiler and let cool.

For the Creamy Pie

In a little blending bowl, joined milk and pudding blend.

Beat on low speed for 2 minutes (blend will be thick).

In a medium blending bowl, beat cream cheddar until light and feathery, around 3 minutes.

Bit by bit beat in lemonade concentrate.

Step by step beat in pudding blend.

Empty blend into cooled graham wafer outside, or into a pre-made graham saltine pie covering.

Spread and refrigerate for at any rate 4 hours.

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