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Cherry Cheesecake Lush

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Cheers to the party-sized portion! I had to make this immediately upon seeing the photo today. Used whipping cream from the refrigerated carton (on-hand), and it worked out wonderfully. This is a Restaurant-Style cheesecake for sure, only better. Used fresh, cut up, lightly sweetened strawberries on the side after chilling the cheesecake instead of using the strawberry pie filling. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

This was fantastic!! Made it the first time for 40 people & got rave reviews. I didn’t put the cherries on until a couple of hours before serving & my filling set up perfectly (don’t know if holding off on the cherries had anything to do with that or not)!!!

Excellent!!!! Oh my gosh was it ever good. We ended up serving it in bowls though as it didn’t hold like a normal cheesecake does-don’t worry-it’s sooooo good you won’t care!!!! YUM!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe!!!!

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