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For nobody is a secret the great importance that the thyroid has in our body. They are located in the throat area and perform a work of great importance.

Although small, they are responsible for producing a hormone that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats we consume. But what if the thyroid does not secrete enough hormones?

In the worst case, we may get hypothyroidism. According to a dictionary, hypothyroidism is characterized by decreased functional activity of the thyroid gland and decreased secretion of thyroid hormones; causes decreased basal metabolism, fatigue, sensitivity to cold and, in women, menstrual disorders .

However, the thyroid gland participates in many other processes of vital importance to the body. It helps regulate breathing, cholesterol, brain and heart function, and even body temperature . That is why we must ensure that this organ works properly. That way, we will avoid a series of health complications.


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