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Chef Davy Devaux from YouTube channel has compiled a list of six incredibly useful tricks for the kitchen. They will make life so much easier!

These 6 amazing tricks will come in handy for your next meal. Please try them out and see how effective they are yourself!

1- Remove the shell from a boiled egg

Place the boiled egg in jar with some water. Then, shake the jar a few times and the egg shell falls off on itw own.

2- Remove skin from garlic

Put a bulb of garlic into a jar. Then shake. Remove the skin that falls off and repeat until all the skin is off.

3- Peel a kiwi

Cut a kiwi in half, and then use a glass cup to remove the skin. This is much faster than using a knife.

4- Cut banana into slices

Use a sewing needle to cut into the banana. Repeat a slice every few centimeters along the length of the banana. Then surprise your friends with this neat trick

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