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The need to detoxify your life is a direct result of an overworked, overscheduled and overwhelmed lifestylethat has (somehow) been accepted by most people as ‘normal’ and ‘fact-of-life’, which is far from the truth. We have less time, while taking on more responsibilities, and because of this, we also make less healthy choices for our body and mind.

‘The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon its own mechanisms’ – Andrew Weil

If you’re not sure if your life needs a detox, these signs will tell you.



From oil pulling to castor oil packs, from healthy, virgin, cold-pressed mono-unsaturated cooking oils to essential oils for home remedies, oils have got a lot of health benefits that help detox your body.

One study found that sesame oil (a natural edible oil) and sesamol (an active antioxidant) are potently beneficial for treating lead- and iron-induced liver and kidney toxicity and have no ill effects on the body. Researchers found that sesame oil reduced inflammatory response in the body and also helped reduce lead and iron toxic metals. Sesame oil also helped reduce tumor necrosis factor’à and it might also be helpful with removing mercury from the body.


Then there is “stuff”…meaningless, excessive, pointless “stuff” that seems to just pile up on us. Where is your “stuff” currently? Whether it’s on your desk, in your closet, in the living room, on a table, or in your car, get rid of it.

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Usually, clutter results from having an excessive amount of anything – books, papers, toys, shoes, clothes, food, antiques (Mom!) – that occupies space for no particular reason. But it occupies more than just space in your home; it takes up space in your brain.

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